Various Character Illustrations Made From Iconic Figures of Their Popular Cities by Federico Babina

One of our favorite illustrators, Federico Babina, is back with a fresh collection of drawings that takes us on a world tour. Adhering to his clear, graphic sensibilities, Babina exemplifies some of the most well-loved cities across the globe for his brand new string INKONICITY. From Beijing to Berlin, Istanbul to Paris, the Italian artist draws from the culture and iconography of every city to visually illustrate their characteristics.

Swirling around them, geometric lines and shapes which indicate the principal landmarks, conventional foods, or famous artworks of these cities assist with the visual roadmap.

According to his illustrations of mental illness, Babina has an uncanny ability to synthesize complex themes into simple layouts, and INKONICITY is no different. Each drawing is a guidebook, taking the viewer on a whirlwind tour in 1 glance. And, as usual, Babina has also published a fun animated clip, in which every visual detail comes to life. The only city examples, in addition to a compilation of all 21 cities, are all available as art prints via Babina's Society6 store.