Most Amazing Scenic Trails in Australia

There are a lot of gorgeous landscapes to see and wildlife to meet in Australia. This is the country with one of the most diverse natures in the world and so it attracts a lot of hiking enthusiasts throughout the year. Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced hiker, Australia has a perfect trek for everybody if they are interested to put in the effort and plunge into this magical adventure.

From rainforests over bushlands to astounding seashores, these are the most amazing scenic trails in Australia you should definitely give a shot.

Great Ocean Walk

Great Ocean Walk may require more stamina than the famous Great Ocean Road, but it will take you further and allow you to see more of Australian landscapes. With 64 miles long trail, this hiking adventure will take you through beaches, eucalyptus, and gum forest, sand dunes, and cliff-tops.

The highlight of the walk is the view over the Twelve Apostles, a limestone rock formations which are slowly falling down. The walk lasts for up to 10 days and you will have to book a sleeping spot in advance since it’s one of the most popular in Australia. This trail will take you over various terrains so the beginners should prepare for some challenging parts and different elevations.

Grampians National Park

There are many tracks in the Grampians National Park – from 7-miles Victoria Arch to 1.8-mile Beehive Falls. However, Grampians Peak Trail is the longest with 22 miles and it will take you three days to complete. This hike will take you over the most iconic parts of the Grampians National park and this year the experience will be prolonged to 13 days due to planning and construction.

You will pass by a lot of waterfalls and water features on the way like rock pools of Venus Baths and Splitter Falls. From Pinnacle lookout, you will be able to enjoy the view of amazing Fyans Valley, Halls Gap, and famous Mt William. A walk through refreshing scents of eucalyptus trees of the Messmate forest will take you to the Mt Rosea summit from where you can take a break and observe the whole area.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are so close to Sydney that people often stop by here to relax from the city rush of one of the most popular metropolis in the world. The area is full of waterfalls, peaks, and canyon and is perfect for all types of hikers with the various difficulty of trails spanning across 90 miles of space. The National Pass is one of the most impressive trails here which is quite challenging and promises a great adventure.

The Grand Stairway is not for those who easily scare of heights since it’s pretty steep staircase which will take you up and down the trek. Although this is a challenging journey, experienced hikers can finish it from 2.5 to up to 3.5 hours. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you as long as you enjoy in the treetops, waterfalls and river rapids along the way.

Tasman National Park

One of the most famous hiking trails is the Three Capes Walk in the Tasman National Park which runs across the rainforest, rock formations, and woodland areas. In order to go on this hiking adventure, you will need permits from the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service which allows only 48 hikers per day. This 28.5 miles long track is very popular and due to the limited number of hikers, you need to plan and book it in advance.

Although the hike lasts for 4 days, many will tell you that Three Capes Walk is not about the distance but the journey thanks to soul-nurturing nature along the way. Sights like the eucalyptus forest of Revel, dolerite columns of Cape Hauy and white sands of Fortescue Bay will give you a lifetime of memories. And if you are lucky, you will see migratory whales, fur seals or dolphins during boat transfer to the track.

Overland Track

Around 40 miles long, Overland track will take you six days to finish, but hiking from the Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair National Park is worth the trouble. You will be able to sleep in eco-lodges or simply camp underneath the stars, depending on the what kind of plan you choose. Situated in Tasmania, this is often considered one of the best bushwalks in the world with magnificent alpine scenery.

You will encounter lively meadows, pristine streams and vibrant waterfalls which many compare to mountainous beauties of Switzerland. Marion’s Lookout will give you a stunning view of the Cradle Mountain while you will be in awe before the Ferguson Falls. However, look for the two rocky towers known as the Gates of Mordor named after the location from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels. They are dramatic and will definitely add to the overall spiritual experience of the hike.

All in all

There are other treks in Australia like Cape to Cape Track and Larapinta Trail as well as many others that you should try. This only attests to the fact that most amazing scenic trails in Australia are among the most diverse and intriguing ones in the world. So, pick the track that is perfect for you and enjoy the scenery on the way since it will be a life-changing experience.

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