Traveling Tips for Beginner Backpackers

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If you like to transform yourself from a car camper and a day hiker to an overnight backpacker then this article is for you. However, you might be unsure of what to pack, how to prepare yourself for the tour, how to face any untoward situation, and so forth. If you have the necessary willpower, endurance capacity, and motivation, then nothing can prevent you from enjoying a memorable backpacking trip. Here are the top 9 tips for beginner backpackers:

Plan beforehand

Do adequate research and select your destination after learning the pros and cons of that place. Make it a point to book your flight tickets and reserve your accommodation in advance to avoid the rush during the holiday season. In case you are planning to go to South Africa, book an SAA Flight at SA Airlines today to make your journey smooth and comfortable. To keep track of the days between your flights, you can use a simply calculator like this.

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Give priority to your budget

It will be challenging for you to fulfill your ambition without starting to save cash from this point onwards. Before doing anything else, try to figure out a sensible budget since it is your money which will dictate where you can go and for how long. It is a fact that most of the travelers out there are in the habit of saving money for at least six months in advance. Work out how much money will be spent on traveling to your destination and also the cost of accommodation available there. You can find cheaper accommodation options than a hotel, for example, a tent or couchsurfing.

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Join a defense class before venturing out

Defense courses are available everywhere at present and these will teach you how to protect yourself in case of any sudden assault on the road while traveling on foreign soil. Although it might be difficult to defend yourself against a well-trained criminal, it will help you protect yourself against any common mugger.

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Make some concealed pockets into your trousers

Instead of going for a money belt, sew some hidden pockets into your trousers to carry important items in them. This should make it almost impossible for any mugger to track where you have kept your money. It is feasible to hide these pockets in the pant's legs by sewing them. However, if you cannot do it yourself take the assistance of any local tailor to get it done for you. Otherwise, consider posting an ad to Craigslist where you will find somebody who can help your cause.

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Get your travel medical kit updated

Is important to update your travel medical kit irrespective of where you are venturing out. For instance, if you are planning to go to Africa it will be a smart idea to bring along with you medications like mefloquine, doxycycline or atovaquone-proguanil which you might not come across in the foreign country. Make a research on your present health condition and you might also consult with a medical practitioner who can give you a better idea on this subject. Do not forget to pack stuff such as sunscreen lotion and hand sanitizer which you’ll find at your local medical outlet.

Divide your cash

Do not take all your cash in just one place. Instead, divide it into multiple concealed places, for example, hidden pockets in your trousers or your backpack. This will ensure that all your cash will not get lost in case you get robbed.

Take notes on what you are packing

It is not surprising you might end up over packing on your first backpacking trip. That’s okay; however, make a note of what you are bringing along with you while discarding those items which you will never use during that trip. This step will help you understand whether anything is missing while traveling to any location on foreign soil.

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Get ready to be tested physically as well as emotionally

Be prepared to endure hunger, exhaustion, soreness, and other such adversities during your trip. If you are traveling along with a partner, prepare yourself to get upset by his or her behavior at times. But, never feel hopeless and frustrated. Instead, try to appreciate the outstanding views which you can only reach by hiking and also acknowledge what you have just accomplished by traveling on your own feet.


It is important to enjoy yourself and have fun while backpacking for the first time. You never know, you might fall in love with this new activity and would like to repeat it from time to time. Whatever it might be, make it a point to enjoy yourself to the fullest and also take pride in what you have achieved.