Elon Musk Revealed SpaceX’s Moon base and His Grand Plans for Mars City
The BFR will provide cargo for a new moon base

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk unveiled his plans to build a moon base and a colonization city on Mars. Shown at the international astronautical congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia, the astronomic job also involves a BFR spacecraft that proposes hypersonic passenger journey and much cheaper and larger payloads being launched around the earth.

SpaceX's plans crucially encompass a spaceship codenamed the BFR (big f*cking rocket), which hopes to be launched in 2022 and then to mars by 2024. The system enlarges the recyclable philosophy of their 'Falcon 9' rocket to offer more power and capacity -- a maximum rate of 18,000 mph. With relatively low fuel costs and then fully reusable rockets, the price for flights falls radically. It is claimed that long-distance commuting could be finished in just 30 minutes, in which passengers can get anywhere in the world in under an hour.

An artist’s impression of the Mars colonization

Said to hold around 100 passengers, SpaceX's BFR will supply the capability to set up a moon base, as well as a colony town on Mars. By 2024, four of these spacecraft -- two of which will be for crews -- will probably be sent to the red world. The settlers might need to prepare the foundation to prepare for future waves and thus future expansion. The rockets will also supply cargo for the international space station and a new lunar channel in the preceding years.

the first wave of mars settlers settlers will be sent to the red planet by 2024
All images courtesy of SpaceX