Popular Places You Need to Visit in South America

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South America often misses a spot in the list of must-travel destinations for most travelers. In reality, various cultures, interesting history, and hidden beauty spots in this continent make South America a coveted vacation destination. If you are an avid or aspiring traveler, this continent should definitely be on your list as it has a lot to offer.

Here are 10 popular places in South America that you must visit once in life

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This city is the capital of Argentina and also one of the main attractions of the country. Also known as the “Paris of South America”, this place is an interesting mixture of eclectic architecture, boulevards, dainty cafes, and endless shopping options. Basically, it has something for everyone. If you possess a knack for art, this city is perfect for you as it houses several art museums. When you visit, spend at least two full days in this interesting and colorful city. Attend tango clubs, visit live theatres, or try some Argentinian food with some of the best wine in the world.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is popularly known for its statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is also one of the hot spots for most tourists. The city’s tropical vibes and cultural implications are noteworthy and should be experienced at least once. This destination boasts of some of the best beaches on the continent. If possible, try to visit the city in February to experience colorful and extravagant carnivals, which are also one of the biggest attractions in Brazil. This country is also a hub of soccer lovers, which is great news for soccer fanatics.

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Machu Picchu, Peru

If you visit South America, you must visit Machu Picchu, which follows the legacy of the Incas and the Incan civilization. In fact, every Peru Travel Guide advises visiting Machu Picchu at least once. It can be deemed as the highlight and pride of the country. The site’s rich history and breathtaking view make it one of the most coveted archaeological spots of the world. The way it stands majestically even after 500 years of construction is simply impressive. You can either explore the trail on your own or book guided tours to know more about its interesting history.

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Amazonas, Peru-Colombia-Brazil

What’s a South American vacation without a stop at the Amazon Rainforest? It is the biggest forest in the world, which is why it is also known as the lung of the globe. Since the Amazon Forest is widespread across the borders of nine countries, you have a lot to see and visit. You can book a tour of the Amazonas while visiting Peru, Colombia, or Brazil and visit respective parts of the huge rainforest.

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The Galapagos Island, Ecuador

A trip to South America is incomplete without visiting the Galapagos Island, especially if you are a wildlife fanatic. The islands house a variety of exotic animals, some of which are only found at this spot. The islands are also a significant reminder of Charles Darwin’s theory related to evolution. Even though you need to travel 575 miles to the coast of Ecuador, the experience and view upon reaching is something you are unlikely to forget. The islands are also a fit for those who seek adventure as it offers activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and hiking. Spot animals such as frigatebirds, mockingbirds, sharks, tortoises, and iguanas upon visiting.

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Bogota, Columbia

Famously known to be the capital of the country and business center of the continent, Bogota is a fascinating hub of art and culture. With several art museums and theatres, this city houses some incredible tourist spots such as the Bolivar Square, Monserrate Mountain, Botero Museum, and the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira.  

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The Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert is popularly known to be the driest desert in the world and one of the best in the continent. Despite being extremely dry, the character of this place attracts several tourists every year. The wavy rock formations, colorful lagoons, and interesting geysers pair well with the picturesque sky to form a scenic view. The clear sky and widespread rock formations make it a perfect setting for stargazing. To begin exploring the Atacama Desert, you must reach San Pedro de Atacama, which is a small town and the closest point to this desert.

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

One of the most picturesque and spectacular sites on the list, this white salt flat land in Bolivia stretches across miles and is dry for most of the year. However, it forms a layer of water on top of the salts between the months of November to March, which turns it into a virtual mirror. The results are so impressive that tourists visit this spot just to capture a few stunning shots. Located near the Salvador Dali Desert, Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt desert in the world.  

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Angel Falls, Venezuela

Also known as the world’s tallest waterfall and one of the most beautiful falls among four others, Angel Falls is located in a remote location amid the Canaima National Park. Even though it is challenging to reach this spot, it is worth the effort. The uninterrupted waterfall is 979 meters high and tumbles into the Devil’s Canyon. The only possible way to access this spot is by aircraft or boat. Depending on the flow of the waterfall, you are also allowed to swim.

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Cuenca, Ecuador

Formerly known as Tomebamba, Cuenca is a historical city located in the highlands of this country. It was built by the Inca Empire, which justifies its rich history. Even though most of the remains are ruined to date, you can still enjoy the colonial architecture that stands still at this location. The traditional churches, red roofs, and cobblestones on the roads add character to this place. The blue domes of the main cathedral of Cuenca are a significant part of this city’s skyline.

These destinations are highlights of the Latin continent and should definitely be on the bucket list of travel enthusiasts. Whether it’s a historical site, scenic natural sites, or a cosmopolitan experience, South America has something for everyone. This list will surely intrigue you to visit this interesting continent for your next vacation.

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