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The Apple Watch Designed by Famous Fashion Designers

With the celebrated announcement of the Apple Watch, we took the idea and applied it to the much anticipated device. The designs revealed thus far are rather reserved so we took some of our favorite fashion designers and brands and imagined what the Apple Watch


A Boeing 787 transformed into a VIP Living Space

Boeing has been gutting out their 787s and replacing the space with entertainment and leisure facilities all due to an increase in demand from an influx of billionaires from countries such as Russia, China, and the Middle East. The focus on its private jet branch


The 10 Largest Data Centers In The World

The mega-data center has become a staple of our global technology infrastructure, serving as the backbone of the digital economy. The growth of the Internet is driving an enormous appetite for network capacity and data storage, creating a new class of data centers that can scale


New screenshots from the game “Grand Theft Auto V”

The company Rockstar Games announced new gameplay screenshots from one of the most popular games of the decade – GTA V. In addition to stunning graphics, made at a completely new level. Also, in Grand Theft Auto V  changed the location: the saga of the


Polaroid introduced the concept Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Polaroid announced the concept, called Instagram Socialmatic Camera. Camera has two lenses, one is for normal shooting, and the second – for three-dimensional filters. In addition, the gadget of an application with which can be a web camera, as well as application to capture and